Business News

The Benevolent Godfather

Early-stage investor Sig Mosley has been a steady force in Georgia’s tech community—supporting, mentoring, and funding more than 145 start-ups since 1990.


Innovation districts are inspiring a new way for Georgia to live, work, create, and collaborate.

All Georgia Seems a Stage

The Qcells solar panel factory in the northwest of the state and the Hyundai electric vehicle Metaplant in southeast Georgia are drawing suppliers to build plants nearby, while soundstages and related developments are blooming across metro Atlanta and beyond.

Georgia’s Ins and Outs

The state had record exports and imports in 2022, and that’s before the EV industry truly cranks up.

Seasons in the Sun

Solar panel factories enhance Georgia’s green manufacturing growth.

Where Lab Samples Chill

While the future is now for EVs, a biobank helps prepare Georgia for tomorrow.

Charged Up

From payments to transportation to accounting, Georgia companies have been busy seeking and making deals.

Pucks, Pluck, and EV Power

Hockey pals become rivals, and UPS and Delta Air Lines find innovative friends as Georgia drives toward an electric future.

Automatic for the People

Georgia Tech aims to spread artificial intelligence statewide with a federal grant, plus more business news you need to know.

Boffo Performance

Hollywood’s record year ushers in changes in Georgia industry education.




Jump-Starting Jobs

A training initiative is preparing the ground crew for Georgia’s electric vehicle future, while cleaner jet fuel, Atlanta’s airport, and the rearmed Georgia Air...

Always in Style

GaBiz Editor in Chief talks about a massive expansion, economic growth potential in Athens, and raising the next generation of hospitality professionals with Classic Center President and CEO Paul Cramer.

Patently True

While Rivian and Hyundai’s partners push the EV economy and the Port of Savannah develops more connections, Fayette County grows beyond filmmaking and the U.S. government recognizes Atlanta as a hub of innovation.